Welcome to APFITA 2019

The Asia-Pacific Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture (APFITA) brings to the world a forum to consolidate ideas, research, innovations, inventions and the vigor to transform the agricultural revolution with ingenuity. APFITA conducts conferences dedicated to the future use of ICTs in the agri-food and related sectors. The conferen aims to coalesce the 'Research Frontiers in Precision Agriculture' for sharing the recent advances in ICT, IoT, sensor networks, image processing, robotics, machine learning, big data analytics, etc. in agricultural applications, precision agriculture in particular. The research contributions through presentations, posters, workshops etc. would focus at supporting the development and implementation of these frontier technologies for a competitive, sustainable and environment-friendly agriculture.

This year, the APFITA 2019 will be hosted by the Taiwan-Agriculture Information Technology Association (TAITA). The association is committed to promoting the development of national agricultural information technology, conducting industrial surveys and studies, and providing a basis for agricultural development policies. For the use of information technology, TAITA is devoted on advancing industrial upgrading and personnel training to enhance the national agricultural information manpower development and to diminish the digital gap in the agricultural sector. It has actively participated in international agricultural information technology research and organizations to strengthen the academic exchange and global cooperation regarding agricultural information technology development and expand new horizons in agricultural science and technology.